Mirrorly is a powerful mental health app built to represent what the next generation of mental health journaling and emotion tracking should look like. Keeping all the information secure and synchronized across all your Apple devices, Mirrorly takes pride in the state-of-the-art technologies it utilizes to bring you more information about your emotional health and how you can use this information to better track your moods. Mirrorly isn't just a app for you to journal your emotions, there's a lot more to it!
• Mirrorly's E-Forecaster is an AI-based algorithm that picks up on subtle patterns in your emotions everyday and is constantly taught to accurately predict your emotions for the upcoming day
• Securely store each journal entry, whether it be text, images, or doodles (iOS/iPadOS required for doodle entries)
• Apart from journaling your thoughts, timely notifications let you input your emotions which you can later track through your emotional history
• Relaxation tips keep you informed on how to get through the mentally-taxing times
• New to iOS 14 and macOS 11, widgets help you quickly view important and enriching information to you like the relaxation tips or the calming images and doodles you've stored
• Mirrorly's simple UI keeps the emphasis on your mental health instead of the showmanship
• All your data is stored in your iCloud account giving you full control over your private data and keeping it synchronized across all your Apple devices.
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